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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

Another enrollment period!?! Who does this affect!?! What do I need to do?? In 2019, Medicare announced a NEW Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. From January 1st – March 31st, all beneficiaries with a Medicare Advantage plan can change their plan OR switch back to Original Medicare Parts A, B, & D.

When you make a change during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, it will take effect the following month.

If you switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare Parts A & B, you should sign up for a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan. Call Hawaii SHIP for a list of drug plan providers.

If you are interested in comparing plans to find the most cost-effective plan based on your needs, call the Hawaii SHIP help line at 808.586.7299.

Free, local, one on one assistance is just a phone call away!

Original Medicare members will have to wait for the annual Open Enrollment Period, beginning October 15th, to change their plan.


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