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in March 2021

2021 Project Financial Literacy

Hawaii SHIP's partner, the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), Office of the Securities Commissioner (OSC) is hosting a month-long campaign to celebrate Financial Literacy Month in April. “Project Financial Literacy: Investor Education for All!” will feature financial and investor education-related activities, presentations, and resources for consumers of all ages. Learn more about ...

Medicare Coverage on Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Services handout

This handout includes information on Medicare Part B and Part D coverage, services covered, medication safety checks, drug management programs, and Hawaii-based treatment program services and helplines. Click on the link to learn more. Medicare Coverage-Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Services 3.18.2021 Image source: "Oxycodone Prescription Bottle with Pills Spilling Out." by ShebleyCL is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Transmissions from Hawaii Podcast by Wasabi Magazine – Episode 2

Wasabi magazine is now a podcast! Enjoy stories from Hawaii that only Wasabi can tell. Hawaii SHIP is a proud supporter of their new medium. Listen to Episode 2, entitled "Connections: Examining Hawaii's Relationship with the Internet" by clicking on the link below. Connections: Examining Hawaii's Relationship with the Internet | Transmissions from Hawaii 02 - Transmissions ...

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